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Aaron from Binary Shoes

Published 11 March, 2020

15 shoe models, 13 garments and two maps. 25 year old Aaron contributes a lot to the Skater XL community.

But lets rewind a bit. Prior to the release of Skater XL, he had his eye on a small skate game on reddit. He followed the progress until one day when it just went dead and Aaron was bummed out. But after a couple of months stuff about a game called Skater XL was going around so he kept his eye close to that until it launched.

From getting the game day one, Aaron has modded Skater XL. It started with a fake Enjoi board and a pair of knock off Vans.  And the rest is, as they say, history!

The Anfield by Binary Shoes

A perfect spot

Aaron is originally from Oxfordshire, UK, but has moved to the south west of the country where he lives with his fiancee and his dog. He creates learning resources for a living. Little games, video animations among other things. Since the lockdown caused by Covid-19, he has been spending more time creating stuff for Skater XL.

He has been skating since 06, after wanting to be a cool guy walking with a board through town. He started skating the local primary school. It had a couple of small stair sets, some flat ground and even some plywood and pallets. ”What more could you ask for? It was a perfect spot!”

Ones and Zeros

Aaron started out with creating shoes for the team LowLife in the early days of the game. After some time he left LowLife to start his own brand for his creative ideas. That brand was Binary Shoes.
”At the time, it seemed everyone and their mothers were creating boards, leaving the market for shoe brands barren.”
The story behind the name Binary is nothing else than a lucky accident.
”I was pretty set on the name ´Bacon and Eggs´. In Skate 3, one of the logos you could choose for your team was a logo of bacon and eggs. But before locking it in, I noticed ´Hey, that kind of looks like 1’s and 0’s´. Which then clicked with me, the name Binary. Very fitting, since this is a virtual team for a computer game.”
Binary Shoes was born in October 2019, making them the first Skater XL FakeSkate shoe brand.


Release on console

When asked the question why he creates content for the game. Aaron says;
”Creating original content for the game and seeing it being used by others is very humbling.” and continues; ”As we had our shoes drop on console and the release of thisisryan´s pro model The Anfield, we´ve got more downloads than I could have imagined.” As of today, The Anfields have over 10k downloads.
Looking at peoples feet has also become a new interest to Aaron.
”When watching content from the community, I spend more time looking at peoples feet, than the actual skating. Just to find a glance at some Binary goodness!”

From sketch to real shoe

Its all in the details

Aaron does some of the most detailed shoes you´ll find. Working with the tool Substance Painter, he is able to accomplish things hard to replicate in Photoshop.
”Getting all the details right is necessary to create a realistic looking shoe, and I pride myself in the details. Substance Painter helps me a lot with that. My earliest shoe was made using photoshop. But after Substance Painter, I just can’t go back!”
For Aaron, it´s not unsusual to spend 10+ hours on a model.
”It´s a lot of continuous minor adjustments until it looks right. Thinking about your stitching and other extra features really are important for making a ‘realistic’ looking shoe. There are people out there making some great designs, but the stitching has let them down.”


The Anfield in 3D by Binary Shoes


Browsing Instagram, real shoes, details in other shoes and team riders ideas are usually the inspiration for new models.
”After some brainstorming, something might click, and we’d have a great design on our hands.”
Inspiration can also come when working on a model. Putting in work and see what you create can spark new ideas for the shoe that improve the shoe as a whole, he says.
”Other times it would just be running straight of a cool idea with no planning. Just putting it straight onto a shoe. From there, I´d either scrap it, or run with it.”

Working in Substance Painter

As with a lot of other creators, the community is what Aaron appreciates the most with SkaterXL.
”The creativity of the community is what I like the most about the game. Be it people creating unique gear like EON with their board graphics created from original 3D renders they have made, or Tribe creating boards with their own photography. Map creators putting in time creating true to life locations or getting unique with their own original creations, or even riders bending the games physics in a way not thought possible.”

When creating gear for SkaterXL, Aaron´s got some tips:

– Create something original
– Don´t do everything. Focus on something specific.
– Play to your strengths and interests.
– Details, details, details
– Look at IRL products


Binary Server Room

Aaron has just released a new map called ”Binary Server Room”. Check it out on

Binary Shoes X Fortysix

When contacting Aaron for an interview, the idea of a collaboration between Binary Shoes and Fortysix began to grow. The shoe ”The Binary Six” is the outcome of that collaboration. What started as some simple ideas, ended up being one of the most clean looking custom shoes. Tailored to perfection by Aaron in 13+ hours. Read more about the shoe here and download it on



Support Aaron

You´ll find Aaron on the Skater XL Modding discord. Also check out and download all his creations on
If you want to support Aaron you can donate through PayPal.



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