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Steve (STPN)

Published 20 January, 2020

Currently finishing mathematical gymnasium, 18 year old Steven (known as STPN) from Czechia is a map maker and creates gear for his fakeskate brand EON.

”I played Skate 3 for a few years but was never too active in the community. I loved the park building but felt limited by the assets.”

After watching Skater XL videos by Nightspeed he bought the game right away when he got a new PC, as the old one couldn’t run it.
His love for creating is what makes him put hours into the game and his projects.
”I love the great feedback. People enjoying my maps and posting clips from my maps or using EON gear.”

As many other creators, Steve thinks that the community is the best thing with Skater XL. A lot of different people from all over the world that help eachother with modeling, programming and even personal life. ”It’s awesome how many people can bond because of Skater XL.”

Map maker for hire

Doing comissions was something that just happened, more or less. After a wish from another player he started getting more requests about maps and spawn props. At first he was very skeptical about mixing his hobby with money. So he chooses his clients very carefully.
”I can easily imagine being forced to finish something if I’d work with the wrong client.”

Doing a commission, or any map, takes time. When starting a new project he spends a lot of time getting resources he might need. Photos from Google and from real life. And lots of them. The base structure is what gets done first and when that is all set, he starts texturing it.

”In most of my commissions, I’m given total creative freedom, because they trust me and let me do my thing.”

As with most of the communities content creators, Steve finds his time working on maps and gear on evenings and weekends. Some maps can take a couple of months to finish as he spends a lot of time tweaking models to perfection.

”Sometimes I finish a part and think it’s total trash. But, you have to sleep on it and in the morning you conclude that it’s actually good.”

Some projects though doesn’t need to take months to finish.

”A few weeks back I hyped myself and made a map for people on my Discord in only 3 days. It’s just one spot, but it was fun.”

When Steve started out making maps he knew nothing other than a little about Unity. The first project, Stalin Plaza, was an ambitious project. But it was also a disaster. Bad textures and only four objects were grindable. Nightspeeds did a video on it and Steve recieved a lot of hate in the comment section.
”It was harsh, but it only motivated me to learn, improve and fight back.”

”Although, now I think that a map maker should always hate his own maps,” Steve continues. ”It’s what motivates me to get better.”

A well made map and a favorite of his is the good old Streets. ”I just love everything about that map.”

Mike Anderson’s Backyard Park

One of Steve’s maps is the Mike Anderson’s Backyard Park. A project that started out of boredom. After he asked what park he should do on DawgVinci’s Discord, Demz (another member) really wanted Mike Anderson’s backyard park.

”The only references we had was Google View and few videos from that park. It was enough though”.

Being an architect, Demz helped out a lot with the initial layout and structure. As the project got into the final stages Mike was contacted.

”At the end when we were making trailer, Mike was really stoked about it. He even made a little clip for us to use.”

Start small, make something every day and don’t be discouraged

Steve is also a part of EON. More a creative collective than a fakeskate brand.

”We are mainly just creative guys, having a good time, and brainstorming.”

They don’t have any team riders and don’t plan drops with deadlines. They think it would take the fun out of it and put pressure on themselves.
And as they are a collective of different creators, the style varies in their gear.

You can download all their released gear on

What would you like to say to people who want to start creating stuff in general?
”Start small, make something every day and don’t be discouraged. In the beginning you’ll probably get a lot of critique, some negative and some positive, and you need to be prepared for that. But stay at it and you will progress and do better stuff in time.”

As for future projects; Steve would like to make a map with different Prague spots. Inspired by the BerlinXL map by GyOm.
”All of my maps will be public, but I’m thinking I could do early access on the Prague one for my supporters.”

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